Farm-to-Family Food Co-op

Boulder County, Colorado 


Why Local?

 Colorado and our neighboring states boast some of the finest and freshest organic, pesticide-free, sustainable and regenerative foods in the West. We bring the farmer to you, with weekly orders made online using our shopping cart.

Local is:

Better for your family -- fresher & more nutritious

Better for the Earth
Better for Farmers


It Works

Once a member,

you place your order by Monday night and pick  it up at one of our sites on Wednesday.

It's that simple.

NOTE: Memberships available now, see "How to Join" below.

Know your Farmer

With 300 days of sunshine a year, our farmers grow an abundance of organic and pesticide-free fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains, meat, eggs, and dairy,  Let us know your heart's desire. Bulk orders of organic flours, baking goods, chocolate, nuts, dried fruits? Sounds delish!  


How to Join

Memberships are now available.

Use the Contact Us form below to let us know your interest.

Please include what town you live in. Our pickup locations (so far) are in Boulder and Longmont.

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Questions? We love to hear from you. wavesofgrainco-op (at) protonmail com